Revitalize your Vehicle with a Splash of Color

Revitalize your Vehicle with a Splash of Color

Making vans more vibrant in Lubbock, TX

Whether you need to repaint just one section of your vehicle or the whole enchilada, Western Collision will take care of your paint job. We can give your car an entirely new look with a full paint job or make your new door or hood match the rest of the auto with a partial paint job. If your headlights are getting dim, we can restore or replace the lenses. We’ll buff and polish your dings and scratches as well.

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Any vehicle, any color

At Western Collision, we provide custom paint services for your vehicle, from touch ups to full body paint jobs. We use Sherman Williams paint to make your dull and faded hood look like new, or brighten up your car with a brand new color. Vehicles we can paint include:

  • Motorcycles
  • Rv and travel trailers
  • Tankers
  • Any type of heavy equipment
  • Cars and trucks

Choose Western Collision to enhance your vehicle with a new coat of paint.